Class II Chocolate

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Class II chocolate is safe with clear descriptions and with obvious and known flavors! Basic flavors with little “fun” inclusions to add some excitement.

When embarking on a journey down a river, it is imperative that you know what to expect, and choose a river and rapids that are to your ability and liking. We feel chocolate is the same way, which is why our products are rated just like river rapids: Class I-V.

Class I is the easiest, most gentle and Class V is made for those with a truly adventurous spirit

8oz. Solid Bars - The Love Bars

55% Dark Chocolate-Love


Truffle Descriptions

Cascade Canyon

Truffle Descriptions

Texas Truffle

Truffle Descriptions

Cowboy Coffee

Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Dark Chocolate Covered Potato Chips


Truffle Descriptions

Gold Mine

Truffle Descriptions


Truffle Descriptions

Grasshopper Creek