The Café

Our boutique chocolate cafe is a feast for your eyes, ears, and, of course, tastebuds.

Located on Main Avenue in the heart of historic downtown Durango, Colorado, our cafe occupies what once was “Richey’s”, Durango’s first candy maker , as well as a soda fountain. The building dates back to 1895, and when Animas Chocolate Co. moved in during the Fall of 2017, we were determined to evoke Durango’s rich history by returning the space to something akin to what Richey’s might have been, all while adding our own flair. The result? A clean, elegant space into which we welcome all of our guests – regulars and first time visitors alike- with a taste of our famous Smelter hot chocolate.

Our kitchen is nestled in the rear of the cafe and guests are always welcome to see what our talented chocolatiers are hand-crafting. On any given day, you might see us tempering chocolate on our marble counter or grinding our freshly roasted cacao nibs into our Highline bean-to-bar chocolate bars.

Our baristas and servers take the same pride in their craft as our chocolatiers do, and we prepare each and every beverage we serve – whether it be one of our hot chocolates, a European-style espresso and milk beverage, or a handcrafted cocktail – with the highest levels of attention and care.

We invite you and yours to join us for a post-adventure hot chocolate, a midday respite from the office, or an evening aperitif. Indulge in one of our house-made pastries, a delightful cocktail and chocolate pairing, or a craft espresso drink, all while shopping our handcrafted chocolates, truffles, and chocolate bars. We look forward to welcoming you into our chocolate cafe at 920 Main Ave in Durango to lose your soul to chocolate.